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What is a migraine?

Migraine is a throbbing and normally intense headache in one half of the head usually. It can affect people of all ages. The blood vessels in the brain dilatation and draw together with stimulation of nerves near the blood vessels( The Wind Condition). When it's occur that mean the changes of the blood vessels are probably cause a pain.



Regularly, people who suffer of migraine have a migraines hereditary but it is not clear how large a role heredity plays.Some are from old injuries and food allergies or Stress. Most people suffering from migraine is a  Women. It attack more frequently around the time of their menstrual periods.

Migraine sufferers should avoid such as alcohol, foods that are known to cause attacks such as caffeine, cold food and make sure have enough sleep.


Migraine  diagnosis


To be able to diagnose the migraine, below are the conditions should be met: 
1.    The attack occur around 4 to 72 hours.

2.    At least two of the following characteristic:

  •     Pain only in one half of head.
  •     A throbbing sensation.
  •     Moderate to severe pain.
  •     Nausea and/or vomiting.
  •     Sensitivity to light and sound.

Most of the people suffering from migraine also have problems such as numbness of hands, arm and legs during an attack, speech not clear and visual problems.

Some may suffer for more then 50 years and others may just got the notorius migarine, but all may have to take modern pain killers for a long long time if not being cured properly. Chinese Master can do all these for you once and for all.

For some during the attack you may feel that you can give up anything and everthing for NOT HAVING THE MIGRAINE. But All you have to do is only take Chinese Master INTENSIVE MIGRAINE MEDICATION and you can have your happy life back!!



The main types of migraine is divided into:
1. Liver wind attack.
2. Stagnantion of Qi.
3. Yin deeficiency ( hormonal complications).
4. Blood stagnantion ( Old injuries or blood vessel harderning or complications).
5. Phlem accumulation.
6. External wind.

Chinese Master's Solution of the migraine attack


Chinese Master WAY OF MIGRAINE  MEDICATION has been proven effective for migraine, headache, eyes pain, pain only in one half of head either left or right side. They do a research and it has taken many years before coming to their present way of medication and result. The special formulars for all types of migraine and headache and at different stages and conditions. 90 % cured in Migraine research until today 145 years.
When you are from far away, other countries, and when you want to starts their treatment you have to e-mail to them all your history and conditions, types of food intake and current conditions and medications. How and when your migraine is worst and after taking what kind of food. Then they can guild you on the herbs prescriptions and what to DO and what not to DO and food intake. They will then continue to guild you on the next course of medications and life.

Most Migraine patients need only one to two course of treatment .

You can e-mail to them then they can identify which type of migraine that you are suffering from so that they can help you to cure it once and for all.



1. How offen is the attack.
2. How long does it last with and without medication.
3. Any neusea or vomiting.
4. Does the attack comes on just before your menstruation (for women only).
5. Which part of the head is the pain, is it always there or at random.
6. Does it affect your eyes.
7. Any old injury.
8. Does your figure neels turn blue.
9. Do you feel your chest full of phlem.
10 Is the attack comes when you have a flu or fever.
11. The colour of your lips turn blue or red?
12. Any others main symptom that always comes together with the attack.

Migraine patients that has got it for more then 50 years. So don't worry Chinese Master can give you their hand and work with you together to get you out of your migraine.


Atopic eczema ( Hay Fever, Asthma)


Definitions Atopy is the general medical term for allergic conditions such as hay fever, asthma or this type of eczema. People with a tendency to suffer from allergic conditions are said to be atopic. About 15 per cent of the population are affected by one or more atopic conditions in their life. Atopic eczema affects about 15 per cent of children and up to 5 per cent of adults in the UK.

Immune system of people with atopic eczema is active in a particular way. They especially make large amounts of a protein called IgE. IgE is one of a handful of proteins called immunoglobulins or antibodies, the purpose of which are to act as catalysts for the protective cells of the immune system to recognise and lock on to the protein components of foreign invaders. IgE is present in small amounts in everyone. However, in atopic eczema more is produced because of increased sensitivity to substances which are inhaled or eaten, or substances in contact with the skin. These could be animal dander, foodstuffs, house dust mite, chemicals or bacteria or yeasts that live on the skin in everyone and usually cause no problems. Most individuals with atopic eczema react to all of these things to varying degrees.

The major difference between atopic eczema, allergic contact eczema ('dermatitis') and irritant contact eczema is that in the first two the immune reaction sits in the middle and determines whether an individual will or will not react. In irritant contact eczema the antigen-antibody system is bypassed and the skin reaction occurs as a direct result of the chemical effects of the irritant on the skin. In allergic contact eczema the person slowly develops a skin reaction to a specific substance that has been in contact with their skin.


Features of atopic eczema


The first episode of atopic eczema can be delayed to adulthood the majority of people have a history that goes back to their childhood. About half of affected children show improvement by the age of six and 60 per cent by the age of 14.

About 60 per cent of people have a family history of at least one of the atopic conditions. This points to genetic links to atopy but the relationship is complex. A combination of genetics and environmental exposures probably determine whether an individual develops atopic eczema, but they do not yet know what the most important influences are.

Main symptom, as with all types of eczema, is itch. Generally the skin is dry but the most affected skin looks red (itch and a bit pain), with a slightly raised but ill-defined margin when the eczema is active. Lumps or blisters, some oozing of fluid from the skin surface and scaling of the skin are all features of flare-ups. After the acute episodes the skin will settle down , which is a bit less irritating looks but shows more in the way of thickening, scoring and darkening of the skin where it is most scratched.

Children usually affects the face and as they get a bit older the rash spreads to the body and limbs. The napkin area is usually spared although it may be inflamed from the effect of urine or the overgrowth of yeast organisms on the skin (thrush). White children tend to get the most trouble on the &lsquoflexures&rsquo &ndash the skin creases on the meeting surfaces of the joints. Elbows, wrists, behind the knees and fronts of the ankles are typical. Black and Asian children tend to be affected on the opposite side of the joints, such as the point of the elbow or front of the knees. Adults show more involvement of the face and trunk again.

Superficial infection of the skin causes increased redness and heat, weeping and perhaps crusting. Small blisters may contain pus. Infected eczema does not usually give signs of general infection such as a raised temperature.

For the severe cases they may even faint or go unconscious.

Tests The diagnosis of atopic eczema is usually quite straightforward on the basis of the symptoms, appearance and positive family history of atopy. Although blood tests will be likely to show generally raised levels of the IgE antibody this is not in itself either necessary or helpful to the doctor. The IgE RAST test (a blood test) looks at more specific allergens such as general food groups, house dust mite and animal dander. However, these should be interpreted with caution and may only be useful for a proportion of individuals with eczema. Your doctor may perform a range of other allergy tests if he or she believes them to be beneficial.



Chinese Master's way of treatment has shown that these could be cured in 1 to 4 weeks of Chinese Master INTENSIVE medications.

For those that when the attack is so severe until they are unconscious will need 4 weeks of intensive treatment.

Intensive treatment and sending of Herbal Medicine is Available to all Countries.

Ask Master by e-mail

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